Comprised of former and current Professional Athletes from all major sports (NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, PGA), Pro Athletes Group empowers its Referral Partner Athletes to truly, “Help Others Succeed”. Professional Athletes are unique and have the ability to connect and assist virtually any business or non-profit through the services provided by Cornerstone Payment Systems. Our Athlete Referral Partners simply connect with those businesses or non-profits in their personal network and then through their relationships refer them to Cornerstone services. What transpires then is a Guaranteed Win-Win for businesses and non-profits to either Save Money or Raise Money.
Founded in 2001, Cornerstone Payment Systems has become a leading national Merchant Services Provider . The company is founded on faith-based principles which places honor, integrity, and partnership at the Cornerstone of its business. Cornerstone offers a full array of Merchant Services which includes Easy to Process Transactions, Simple Accounting, and Detailed Reporting. The company assists business with the latest technology, secure transaction processing, and industry compliant solutions. For more information on Cornerstone Payment Systems please click here.

JACK WEST | National Director

Jack West joins Pro Athletes Group as its National Director and will focus on the company’s regional development within the professional athlete community. Jack brings a wealth of marketing experience to the company which spans thirty years, where he has been responsible for sales, marketing and management in corporate America. He has been part of very successful large enterprise companies including IBM, Olympus America Corporation, and United States Surgical Corporation.

Jack’s professional sports career spanned two NFL seasons with stops with the Dallas Cowboys and New Orleans Saints in 1973 and 1974. In addition to his role as an NFL player, Jack also developed the “Player Career Path Program”. This program set guidelines for NFL players to develop strategic career plans for the transition from professional sports to careers in business and corporate America. Jack has worked with players from numerous NFL teams and the “Player Career Path Program” continues to be used today by several Consultant & Career Investment Organizations.

NICK LOGAN | President, CEO, Cornerstone Payment Systems

Nick Logan is the founder and CEO of Cornerstone Payment Systems, a credit card processing company that establishes businesses, organizations and ministries with the ability to accept Visa, MasterCard, and the other Major credit cards. Nick was formerly the President and Chief Operating Officer of PMT (Formerly PMTS: NASDQ), President and Chief Operating Officer of Nova Information Systems (Formerly NYSE:NIS), and has held various other senior executive roles with public and private companies. Mr. Logan earned a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Cal State University Fullerton. Nick and his wife Gail currently live in Virginia.